Who We Are

Delayne Dixon is a luxe womenswear brand based out of Kamloops, British Columbia Canada. All of our items are sustainably handmade-to-order right here in our studio! We are hugely inspired by texture and bold fabrics. Our clients are known to mix romantic pieces with edgy styling and accessories.

Our looks have proudly been featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle, and we have showcased at multiple prestigious events such as Paris and New York Fashion Week.

Sustainability Efforts

We pride ourselves in keeping our brand as sustainable as possible. Not only do we use eco-friendly packaging, but over 65% of our fabric is derived from recycled materials and dead-stock (unused fabric in warehouses that eventually gets destroyed). Visit our Zero Waste collection to see how we've turned our fabric scraps into cute accessories!

Fabric Substitutes

Leather/PVC/Vinyl - we strictly use vegan and silicone leathers. Silicone leather is made from quartz, (similar to sand). The production of takes significantly less manufacturing power compared to PU and PVC, and there is no use of chlorine in the production process. Being PU and PVC free, it also has lower VOC emissions.

Fur - animals are our friends! That is why all of our fur items are made with acrylic faux fur.

Polyester/Synthetic - synthetic fabrics can be harmful to the environment due to the use of strong chemicals during production, it also is not biodegradable. As a substitute we make an effort to use recycled polyester or TENCEL™ branded Lyocell and Modal fibers. TENCEL™ fabric is produced with sustainably sourced, renewable raw material wood. It is certified as compostable, biodegradable and contain no harmful substances. 

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We are so excited to offer 'Carbon Neutral Shipping'. While it’s pretty much impossible to eliminate carbon emissions caused by driving and energy used to deliver your package, it is possible to offset those emissions through projects and initiatives.

How this works is when you are about to purchase your items, you have the option to add carbon neutral shipping to your cart (very low, usually around 35 cents). This will then be matched with a credible green project closest to your location, like a forestry conservation or solar energy project. Thus making your order delivery carbon neutral!

More info here: https://www.cloverly.com/how-carbon-offsets-work.html

Shipping + Duties

We are pleased to offer free standard shipping to Canada and USA. Duties and taxes are taken care of by us to ensure our international buyers become loyal customers! Please allow 10-15 business days for your order to be shipped as our items are hand made-to-order. Couture items need 2-3 weeks to be made and shipped as the luxury fabrics need to be pre-ordered from our supplier overseas.


Due to the pandemic, extra safety precautions and carrier staff shortage, there may be minor delays with your delivery. Please be kind and patient with your order, we will help every way we possibly can. As always, thank you for supporting small businesses :)


Return Policy

We are happy to exchange your purchase 15 days post delivery date. Items must be returned in original condition with all original tags attached. Customers are responsible for any shipping fees. As we are a small artisan business, we cannot issue refunds.